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Go Jihad on the Media

July 1st, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Hey Guys, I was thinking about canceling my cable subscription to Dish this week. I have been so inundated with all the coverage about the two soldiers who were brutally murdered by “Al Killya” in Iraq. You know, the same guys who our Supreme Quirks said are covered by the Geneva Convention. It makes me wonder if any quarter would be given to our fine collection of politicians if they were captured over in Iraq while wasting taxpayer’s dollars on their fact-finding missions.
You know what really makes me mad, though? The fact that the networks didn’t give the abuses at Abu Grub prison enough media attention. Can you believe it? They “abused” these guys so bad that Muslims around the world were ready to invade America over it. Bet they don’t have to do a DNA test on these guys when they go home. Well, you are right, that never happened, they covered the wounded pride of the captured insurgents for weeks on end. It’s been over two weeks since our troops were murdered, and I haven’t seen ANY MUSLIM groups protesting in the streets over the treatment of our soldiers. Of course they would riot if you printed a cartoon of Mohammad in the papers, but stay quiet about this. Why? Because they all deep down think we deserve it.
Now, the question is why isn’t our press raising hell about this lack of condemnation by the Arab world? Because they think we deserve it as well. If anyone out there thinks our captured troops deserved the treatment they received then I will throw this out to you, send me your name and address and I will figure out a way to pay for your all-expense-paid trip to Iraq. You can give us an update on your condition, and I promise that I will make sure my Cox Cable for my high speed internet is paid up so I can see your pleas for help on the internet just before they bend you over and make you squeal like a pig. Do I sound bitter??? Yes, you can say that.
Is this the view of you folks out there in Cyberland? Well then, I’m going to throw a challenge out to each and every one of you. Write to your local paper and let them know how you feel about this double standard in the press when it comes to the treatment of their prisoners and ours. If you are published, send me a copy of your printed editorial and I will post it here then send you a cool Marine Corps Sticker, and if you get published in one of the following National papers, then I will send you a Marine Corps Coin for your effort. I have been published in USA Today myself and it is equivalent to winning the lotto, considering the number of letters they receive a day.
For USA Today, write a letter to Include your address and daytime phone number for verification.
For L.A. Times,0,5293584.htmlstory
For Washington Post
For NY Times
For the Boston Globe

Remember to keep them short, sweet and to the point. Include your name address and phone number so they can call to verify YOU actually wrote the letter. Ask questions like why our politicians are not raising hell about this, and why we don’t see it questioned in the media? The Russian President at least threw out his promise that his goon squad will track down the murderers of his four embassy personnel and take them out. We need to do the same. Please feel free to pass this on to whoever you please. I encourage it!! I would love to see Americans rioting in the streets over this, but I know that will never happen. Maybe one of you will be published and will make others think about the double standard. I’ll get back to my usual satire next week after I cool down over our press, some of our fellow countrymen and our politicians.
Semper Fi,