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“What’s for Chow???”

February 13th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Well Gang, what’s going in the life of the office?? We had a helicopter lose his cockpit door one dark night on their way out of here. We call this “TFOA” sounds like tofu and it means “Things falling off Aircraft”. It’s a big deal because in the states and something falls off, next thing you know, it’s on the news that Grandma was almost decapitated in her garden while planting her tomatoes. Even the stories about the giant chunk of blue ice that fell from the sky, that’s TFOA and these things happen. So the next morning, I go into the office “What’s up Ssgt?” He replied “The Col is out with Leghound looking for that door that fell off the 46 last night” Me, “have they found it yet?” “No Sir” he says. I pick up the brick, “Col, any luck with the door?” The Col says no and if you want to drive around come on out.
I load up in the trooper and head to the end of the runway. Hmmm, if I was taking off going where they were heading to their base, where would I look? I drove straight out to a parking lot past the runway and outside the wire. There sitting in the middle of the lot was the door. I was certain that it was going to be under a foot of moon dust out there, but it was the only metal object in sight. My total time was 10 minutes. I called the Col with the news “Sir, I found the door” He was on the radio in a heartbeat,”No flippin way!!! Where are you?” Me, “Sir, I’m in the middle of a parking lot outside the wire by the departure end of the runway.” He arrived in about five minutes and was just shaking his head. He drove through the same lot only 30 minutes before but was looking left and Leghound was looking to the right, almost where the only object in this entire lot was. The Col remembered when they drove through that lot and all Leghound talked about was “Wonder what’s for lunch, hope it’s good” and “Oh Sir, I know where that door is, it’s over by the rocket motor I saw off of Kilo taxiway” Well they drove back and alas no door but he got his rocket motor that was leftover from some old rocket attack on the base. They were out there for hours and I found it in 10 minutes. Better lucky then good any day I say!! The fun part was holding it ransom from the Squadron and demanding a Squadron tee shirt, coin and 3 pizza’s with everything on it. They brought the payoff to our vip pad and we made the swap. That was a pretty successful day for me!! Ha!
Today is Valentine’s day, so this is for my wife who takes such good care of me and the family.
My True Love,
Here I sit, 7000 miles from home, watching the sun set across the deserts of Iraq. I know what love is, and you encompass it all. I often dreamed about marrying a woman of your stature and beauty. God granted me the chance to meet you and for that I’m blessed! As the sun sets here, know that my love will rise to meet it in the morning. Happy Valentines Day Honey, I love you!!!!
As for the rest of you Taco fans, I hope you have a wonderful Valentines days with your special person.
Semper Fi,