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“Singing in the Rain”

February 7th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

I once wrote about the hazards you face while out here on Combat duty. You worry about the rockets and stuff, but it’s the simple things that can really hurt you around the base. Take for example the rain. When it rains here, it comes down like a cow pissing on a flat bed rock. Big ole’ drops that actually hurt when they hit. Since this is all talcum powder sand with a clay base, there is nowhere for the water to run off so it collects and forms little mini lakes around here. Having walked over the same route to the Chow hall, I know where all the pot holes are and low spots where you need a boat to get through. The smaller puddles work great to get the mud off of your boots as you splat through mud, water, mud, water on the walk.
The other night as I was walking back from dinner after the big rain all day, I was following two new Marines as they navigated the little lakes in their path. I say new Marines because if they had been here long they know the cardinal rule of “never walk through a puddle” It was a guy and girl combo. The guy was taking the direct path through the water puddles and the female Marine was skirting around the edges. I was following the route of the female Marine, taking my chances with the mud and muck. She was not having an easy way with the mud and decided that after this next puddle she would walk with him. Big Mistake…
There in front of us was a mini lake with the access around the edges made up of 6 inches of mud. They start plowing through the middle of the water joking about having to put on new boots. I stopped to watch for a minute because if I’m not mistaken, there is a giant hole right about there… the guy on the right steps off into a foot and a half hole, pitching forward grabbing the closest to him who was this poor gal standing all of about 5’4. Both of them go face first into this giant puddle and disappear under the brown muddy bath. When they trudged unhurt out of the puddle, you could hear them screaming all the way to the other side of the base. She was screaming “I told you so” and cursing “Shit, Shit, Shit, my uniform is all messed up!!!” I asked if they were ok, and had to bit my tongue not to laugh out loud.
That, I’m sorry to say made me chuckle though as I walked around the edge of the lake taking my chances in the mud. Those two have just learned a valuable about walking around in Iraq… It’s not just the Rockets that can get you and don’t trust your buddy who says, “come on, it’s not that deep”
Take care guys and I’ll talk to you soon,
Semper Fi,


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  2. By Barb on Feb 7, 2006

    Hehehe – sometimes the lessons have to be learned the hard way! Classic picture, too 🙂

    Take care, Taco!

  3. By CJ on Feb 7, 2006

    Great post, Sir! Always good to hear some humor from a war zone. =)

  4. By Mrs. Diva on Feb 7, 2006

    Nice pic! I just want to know how you kept from lauging…that had to be almost painful;)

  5. By Judy Reed on Feb 7, 2006

    When you look at that poor gal, you almost get the idea that she is a statue. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to go under in a mud hole that deep. Live and learn, even if it is the hard way – some smarts do come with age. Have a good one, take care, be safe and KYHD. Thanks for brightening my day.

  6. By Donna, Los Osos, CA on Feb 7, 2006

    Ya know, good ole mudbaths cost a fortune here.. and to think, you all are getting them for free! I guess it’s one of those hidden military perks people are always talking about.

    Here’s to skin “not” smooth as a babies bottom! Take care, and keep dancing around those potholes.

    Semper gratus,

  7. By Anonymous on Feb 7, 2006

    This poor gal! We did a mud run one time, and we ended up looking like that. However we knew we were going to end up looking like that! LOL
    * you may have to copy and pate the link.

  8. By Tacobell on Feb 7, 2006

    Well, gotta tell you that the picture came from a Marine Corps Mud Run and not from the other night, although if I had my camera, I would have taken a shot of them!!

  9. By Anonymous on Feb 7, 2006

    Neat that photo kinda helps visualize her first word… Paaatoooooie.

    jim b

  10. By Anonymous on Feb 7, 2006

    even though i knew where this was going as soon as you mentioned “New Marines” as characters in your log… i still laughed too hard for my own good. i agree – i cant imagine how much it hurt you not to laugh…

    and you know what – you are EVIL, enjoying their learning experience so much! and i LOVE you sharing it with us!!!

    thanks for all you and your Marines do…

    semper fi,
    A Marine at Heart

  11. By Melissa on Feb 8, 2006

    And I thought Marines were supposed to take care of each other!!

    Hmmpf……I’m sure the whole way you had a shit eatn’ grin on your face just waiting for the plunge, right?

    You are so bad!! 🙂

  12. By Dan-Gerous on Feb 8, 2006

    I did the only Mud Run they had at Miramar. It was put on by:
    Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-163 [HMM-163]
    HMR(L)-163, the predecessor of HMM-163 (Rein), was formed on 1 December 1951 and assigned to the Air Fleet Marine Force Pacific.

    It was run on a late November morning. Water was Ice Cold.

    I’m signed up for this year’s run at Pendleton.

    BUT–I can talk about sticking Clay mud.

  13. By Doll on Feb 8, 2006

    Great Post!

  14. By Ssssteve on Feb 9, 2006

    TB, that was great!! Great site!! keep up the good work!!

  15. By Anonymous on Feb 10, 2006

    Great post, TB! with Washington getting ready for 6-10 inches this weekend (and you know how well Washington copes with a inch or two of snow. . . . ) it’s nice to see weather from another part of the world. Not to mention that it’s reassuring to see that at least some people can keep a sense of perspective about life!!!
    Take, Care,

  16. By GunnNutt on Feb 15, 2006

    The lady may have been pissed while covered in mud, but you just know this will become one of her own funny stories down the road. I can’t believe you didn’t bust a gut!

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