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Bad Timber

January 27th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Dear Gang,
There is a fellow back home In California, who is doing his job. Writing. I would say that he is very successful and with his last little OpEd piece, will get a lot of attention for a long time. I give him credit because he did his job, right, wrong or indifferent on how you feel, emotions aside, he has you talking. Now I feel sorry for the S.O.B. because what he wrote might be the straw that broke the “Camels” back for some guy that has been over here in Iraq fighting and he might go pay this nameless person a visit one night. I believe that he wrote this to get people fired up and mad on purpose. Why? The Attention of course!!! My Mom said “doesn’t this make you mad son?” And I can say “No”. Now, would I waste my urine on the guy if he was burning in his wrecked SUV out in L.A.? Probably not, but then again, I’m trained to help everyone so I might toss a couple of drops on him before I rescued his sorry “I hate the military, don’t know what is going on in the world” Ass.

Since he is now nameless, we’ll call him Mr. AssClown. I have more respect for the Anti- war guys who have actually been embedded with the troops here and taken fire. At least they have an understanding of what’s going on. We are fighting religious nuts over here. They have no uniforms, they follow no politics, they are just crazy religious Zealots (Chuckleheads) who are willing to give their life up for no good reason. They would kill this nameless Assclown in a Los Angeles minute (might take hours if you count freeway time) and every other none believer because they are not the same religion.

I have no problem with Mr. Assclown running his pie-hole and spewing madness, he is only doing what he has the right to do in the U.S. and what we as the Military are paid to protect this right for him to do. We have a Government, a President and leaders who allow this form of free speech to happen. If you don’t like something, then change it!! Get out and vote to make a change. That is what they have done here in Iraq. They voted to put the person in power who they feel will help them best. That is a privilege we have as Americans, but so few take advantage of during the elections. Too busy I guess, maybe the traffic was too bad; it’s easier to bitch out loud at Starbucks while you’re drinking you low fat double diet Pepsi latte’ with just a hint of Madagascar spice while you watch Communist News Network on cable television.

I will get off my soap box now, but really, just treat this nameless indigent like the tree in the Forest… if no one is around and it falls, does it make a noise??? You guys have a great day and if you are reading this Mr. AssClown, I understand you were doing your job, but try to remember the next police officer who pulls you over, just may be a former Jarhead, so keep your anti-military comments to yourself during that stop. But if you ever desire to see what we do and feel the urge to strap on a flakvest, we’ll be here for you 24/7. OOOOHHHH RRRRRRhhhaaaa MARINES!!